Cream Legbar

We will no longer be selling Cream Legbar hatching eggs and day-old chicks. We have made the difficult decision to abandon our Cream Legbar breeding program to work on other projects.

We have been actively involved in the Cream Legbar movement since their importation into the United States. After spending a considerable amount of money to acquire our foundation stock, we came to learn that the birds imported into the US did not have the proper coloring. The US imports were brightly colored, with striking orange on the roosters and deep salmon colored chests on the females. The standard in the UK called for much less coloring and more silver.

Enthusiastic breeders formed a club and started working to breed out the bad and breed in the good, which will take many years. These are years I may not have. I don’t want to invest my time and money into something that may never be right.

Realizing the problems with their first importation, the breeders imported another line of Cream Legbars. We spent more money buying offspring from that importation as well. A third release of birds was done by the importer after breeding birds from import 1 to import 2. We bought from those as well and received sick birds, losing all but one. I bought chicks from another breeder promising the correct coloring, only to find they were not substantially different from the originals.

Again, the original importers did a third importation of birds from the UK, this time from champion breeder Jill Rees. This importation should finally make “UK-standard” Cream Legbars available in the US. However, I am not willing to spend the $150.00 per chick they are asking. When these birds get out into the poultry breeding community, the prices will come down and we may find ourselves anxious to get back in. I spent my hard-earned money in the beginning, so I will let others do it this time around.

With much sadness, yesterday I re-homed my rooster and a few pullets to a friend, keeping only a few pullets for my laying flock. They are beautiful, lay beautiful blue eggs and are a delight to be around. Again, thanks and appreciation to those who acquired Cream Legbars from us. You may not have show-quality birds when, and if, they are ever accepted into the APA, but you will have lovely birds and beautiful blue eggs.

I wish the best of luck to the group working to correct the characteristics of the early importations and get Cream Legbars accepted into the American Poultry Association.

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