Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon with Fennel


My favorite go-to recipe for salmon is smoked with dill. The market was out of dill today but they had fennel. If you are a regular reader, you know I am not fond of fennel seed. I admit that I have never eaten fresh fennel. I decided to use the fennel in place of theRead More


Creamed Spinach with Parmesan


I needed a side dish to go with rib eye steak. I chose creamed spinach an easy, tasty recipe. Start with a couple of packages of ready-to-eat baby spinach, make a white sauce, add some cheese and you’ve got delicious homemade creamed spinach. This is so much better than the creamed spinach available in theRead More


Perfect Deviled Eggs!


The perfect deviled egg have eluded me. The white are usually rubbery and the yolks off center with a green discoloration around the edges. I was drawn to a blog post on King Arthur Flour with instructions for the perfect deviled egg. I had to try it. Step 1 was to find less-than-fresh eggs. MyRead More


Homemade Pesto


I can’t pass the fresh pasta aisle without admiring the Butoni Butternut Squash ravioli with it’s. I was in search of food for inspiration for my photography assignment and decided to give the pretty, orange striped ravioli a try. I needed a colorful sauce to go with the ravioli and decided to make a freshRead More


Food Photography for Bloggers, Week 2


On Sunday I submitted my photos for week two of the online class, Food Photography for Bloggers. The assignment this week was to work with two foods that had been difficult to photograph in the past. I chose meat and pie. After cooking, meat can often look unappetizing in photographs. Professional food stylists use all kinds ofRead More


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


I needed a hot wing fix but didn’t want to go to the trouble to make hot wings. I decided to create a Buffalo Chicken Hot Sandwich. With Havarti cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese dressing it was quite good. I served mine on Foccacia rolls but any old roll would do. Well, notRead More


Mardi Gras King Cake

king cake-7

Never having visited New Orleans did not stop me from longing for a King Cake. In case you are not familiar with the history of the King Cake, I borrowed this explanation from King Cakes. The Tradition of Mardi Gras King Cakes The King Cake is believed to have originated in France around the 12thRead More


Fettuccine Alfredo


Michael is having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with Cameron tonight. I elected to stay home because they were going to the mall. I hate the mall. I have spent way too much time at the mall recently getting my eye exam, choosing glasses, waiting for them, going back for adjustments, having them re-made, etc.Read More


Bacon, Egg, and Hash Brown Sandwich


You know that tasty little breakfast sandwich that you get at the drive -thru window under a couple of golden arches? You know the one I am talking about. You can get it with Canadian bacon or sausage, with or without egg, with or without cheese. What you can’t get it with are hash browns.Read More


Leftover Bread and Cheese Patties


Michael loves bread and if you fry it, well that is an easy winner. I found this recipe the other day for Leftover Bread and Cheese Patties from the Turkish food blog, Give Recipe. I decided to start my Superbowl food frenzy with these. I just finished making and serving them and they were aRead More


Orange Glazed Pecans


Superbowl XVLII is today! My little party for two is about to get underway. My only invited guests are Michael and Tucker, who won’t be enjoying any people snacks. He has a lifetime supply of dog treats on hand. A few of the “people” dishes which could be made ahead of time were and IRead More


Asian Style Potstickers (with video)


One of my favorite things to eat at a Chinese restaurant are pot-stickers. I have loved pot-stickers since I was in nursing school in the early 1980′s. Three friends and I used to go for lunch to a Chinese restaurant where we were introduced to pot-stickers. They sold them by the dozen on huge, round,Read More


Spicy, Sweet and Sour Meatballs


I’ve got the fever, 49′er fever, that is! The San Francisco Forty Niners are going to SuperBowl XLVII on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. From the Bay Area to the Oregon border, Niner fever has reached pandemic proportions. I don’t watch football during the regular season, but when a local team is in the playoffs, I’mRead More


Lemon Poke Cake


I was given a bag of oranges and lemons by my first husband just after the holidays. The oranges went fast but I still had a crisper full of lemons. I went online to one of my favorite baking sites, Bake or Break, to look for lemon recipes. A recipe for Lemon Poke Cake caughtRead More


Savory Breakfast Grits


I still have a box of grits in my house. I bought them to make shrimp and grits while Michael was out of town. This morning I decided to make savory grits for breakfast. I used grits, cream, bacon, cheese, butter, scallions, and hot sauce. The result was very good. I suspect my love affairRead More


Ridiculous BBQ Ribs!


My campaign to use food already on hand led me to the freezer late this morning. A couple of months ago, my grocery had a buy one-get-one-free special on St. Louis style spareribs. Couldn’t pass that up. So today I decided to make ribs and coleslaw to also use a partial head of cabbage IRead More


Meatballs and Spaghetti


I put the word “meatball” first in the title because they were the focus of this recipe. I watched a special on television a few days ago called Meatball Paradise and I was inspired to try to make a good meatball. The meatballs I usually make are very dense, tough actually, and lacking flavor. IRead More


Dulce de Leche Banana Pie


This morning I turned on my usual morning news show, GoodDay Sacramento, and they said today was National Pie Day. They even did a segment in which they made a Koolaid Pie recommended by a viewer. That did not sound appetizing to me, but I headed for the pantry to see what I could whipRead More


Lemon Blueberry Pancakes


Michael is home from his trip to the coast. I managed to lock the house up tight before picking him up in town last night. I didn’t realize that the keys on my ring belonged to the house we just sold. Yep, we were locked out in the cold with a new dog on aRead More


Chocolate Pecan Caramel Corn


January 19th is National Popcorn Day. Apparently the origins of this “holiday” are uncertain, it seems to have some times to the Super Bowl. The date of national Popcorn Day is even disputed, said to change to coincide with the famous football weekend. All I know is, the newspaper said, “Today is National Popcorn Day,”Read More


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