Double Product Review

Red_Chile_Enchil_4f297c41be6d1_260x260 copy

I love the line of skillet sauces by Rick Bayless of Frontera Restaurant fame. Tonight I decided to make cheese enchiladas using his Red Chile Enchilada Sauce. I decided to pair it with El Torito Corn Cakes, using the package mix. I did not follow the package recipe for cheese enchiladas but put my ownRead More


Product Review – Claim Jumper Apple Crumb Cobbler


If one lives anywhere but on the West coast they may not have heard of Claim Jumper Restaurants. I want to say that I have never eaten at Claim Jumpers nor have I been compensated for this review. Claim Jumpers is famous for large servings and unabashed, decadent food. I have only heard stories aboutRead More


Tide Pods Spring Meadow


We get dirty here at the Buck ‘n Run Ranch, really dirty. I haven’t found a way to muck a stall or clean a chicken coop without getting my clothes dirty. I have tried many brands of laundry detergent but always find my way back to Tide. The clothes just come out cleaner. Until movingRead More


Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce


Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce appeared recently in my favorite grocery store. It happened to catch my eye on the same visit as I discovered rosemary skewers in the produce section.                        I found the rosemary skewers in the produce department in a four pack. TheRead More


King’s Hawaiian Sweet Hot Dog Buns


Michael grew up in Hawaii and he has a big time love of Kings Hawaiian Bread. I have not been much of a fan, finding it too sweet as a dinner roll. However, for many years I have longed for the New England style hot dog bun which are baked with the sides touching. TheRead More


Joie Microwave Bacon Tray and Splatter Lid


I cook bacon quite regularly in small amounts for two. I have been using paper towels to cook bacon on but it is messy and the paper sometimes sticks to the bacon. When I spotted this little pink piggy in the grocery store I couldn’t resist. Who could? I brought my pink piggy home andRead More


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