Meyer Lemon Chicken under a brick


There are plenty of lemon chicken recipes that use a brick to weigh down the poultry. My recipe was inspired by the beautiful Meyer lemons that I found at Whole Foods this week. I had chicken, lemons, thyme, garlic, and butter but I didn’t have a brick! To make this recipe, I had to goRead More


Animal Sightings


Sometimes when you have animals, you see things you can’t un-see. We are about to experience our first emu mating season here at the Buck ‘n Run Ranch. I am afraid we are going to see things that we really wish we hadn’t seen. Until then, there’s just the occasional odd thing that catches ourRead More


DIY – Decorative Screen


My autumn front door decor needed some punch. I decided to use an orange and teal color scheme to mix it up a bit. I started by covering the black and tan striped chair cushions with a paisley fabric in orange and teal. Before: After: I added these cute pillows I found at TJ Maxx.Read More


Wordless Wednesday




Guess the Breed Contest – $50 Prize!


The contest has ended! The winner correctly identified four of the five chicken breeds. The breeds are Dark Cornish, White Plymouth Rock, Buff Brahma, Dominique, and Cuckoo Marans. Thanks to everyone who took the challenge and congratulations to the winner! Last week we received a box of seven day-old baby chicks from My Pet Chicken.Read More


Chimichurri Chicken Sandwich on Pretzel Buns


My Safeway store just added pretzel buns to their bakery line-up. I had to try them! I wasn’t disappointed, but I will try making my own at home next time. I thought they would go well with chicken. The only decision left was, what kind of chicken? I thought about ranch but that seemed tooRead More


Book Give-a-way! Signed Copies of “Chickens in the Road”

featured_edited-2 copy

Congratulations to the 4 winners of Chickens in the Road. Thank you to all who participated and we look forward to seeing you at the next giveaway. Michael and Mary O’Brien   Farm blogger Suzanne McMinn from Chickens in the Road just published her memoir. From Amazon: Suzanne McMinn, a former romance writer and founder ofRead More


Martha Stewart, the chicken.


On October 4, 2008 we traveled with our granddaughters to CETA Foundation Ranch in Vacaville, CA to pick out our first chickens. Emily picked a Naked Neck and named her Judge Judy. Michael and I picked chickens, named them Nancy Grace and Paula Deen. Both turned out to be cockerels and had to be re-homed.Read More


My Crazy Italian Sandwich


I went to the store for groceries to make Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches for dinner. I got all that, plus a bunch more. I veered quite a bit off course with this sandwich, but it was so good. It featured chicken, slow cooked in marinara sauce, garlic, red wine, provolone cheese and pepperoni all on ciabattaRead More


Monster N-Tune Headphones & Chance to Win!


This post is brought to you by Monster Headphones and BlogHer. Imagine my excitement when I opened a box from Monster to find a set of N-TUNE candy tangerine orange headphones. I was excited to be a part of the Monster headphone campaign as I really need a good set of headphones. Living on a hobby ranch withRead More


DIY Chicken Wire Wall Hanging


Last week I joined a farm blog hop. If you are unfamiliar with blog hops, it goes like this. One blogger, or a group of bloggers hosts the hop. Other bloggers submit posts to be part of the hop, usually between one and three posts. Links to your posts get on the list and otherRead More


Pesto Pasta Salad


On this, the last day of summer, my garden has seen better days. The basil, heady with flowers, toppled onto the ground this afternoon. Heavy rains yesterday contributed to its demise. I tossed large stems of fragrant basil into the chicken coops, resulting in a feeding frenzy. The adults quickly tired of fresh basil but theRead More


Clam Chowder

featured chowder

Michael and I have tried to get in a trip away to the coast for a couple of months now. I need some clam chowder from The Tides at Bodega Bay. Standing between me and that chowder are forty chickens, four emus, two donkeys,  two goats and an incubator full of eggs hatching over theRead More


Orange Chicken


Grandson Buddy loves orange chicken. He thinks the best orange chicken in the world is served at Panda Express. I set out to prove him wrong. Previous attempts have been less than stellar. This one knocks it out of the park! It doesn’t taste like concentrated orange juice, has a vinegary tang, and is justRead More


Chicken Chimichanga – Revisited


It has been a year and a half since I posted the recipe for Chicken Chimichangas. Today I decided to revisit that recipe and make them again. I am pleased to say they were every bit as delicious as the last time I made them. I am sorry for the lousy pictures. I just didRead More


Update on the Icelandic Juveniles


The Icelandic chicks are about three months old now. Because Icelandic’s are a landrace fowl, there is no standard color, pattern, or comb. You just never know what you’ll get. I have nine beautiful chicks, unfortunately five are boys. I will have to cut that number down to one or two at the most. IRead More


Emu Mayhem


A little back story: Chica has been on the outs with the other three emus since we moved here almost a year ago. For whatever reason, she started displaying mating behavior quite early. That set her apart from the others and resulted in her being ostracized. From being ostracized, the situation escalated to fighting andRead More


Shipped Egg Mayhem (Graphic Pics)


I was excited this morning to be receiving a box of shipped hatching eggs. My postal carrier delivered the box and I anxiously opened it, only to be horrified by what I saw. These were the eggs I received. I’ll start with the obvious problem. Some were broken which can occur when shipping eggs.  Read More


Product Review – Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

featured chicken and dumplings

On days I bake, I don’t like to cook and on days I cook, I don’t like to bake. I am always on the lookout for fast alternatives to meals that don’t need a lot of preparation. Today I tried Chicken and Dumplings by CrockPot. CrockPot says: “This is a traditional Chicken & Dumplings mix,Read More


Chicken Pot Pie


A few weeks ago I worked on a how-to for peeling peaches. I took some nice pictures and sat down at my computer to compose the post. I got sidetracked, checking in on a few of my favorite blogs. There it was. PJ Hamel at King Arthur Flour posted a primer on peach peeling. I felt the airRead More


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