Suave Moroccan Infusion! Win $1,000.00 Gift Card!

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Suave Moroccan Infusion! Win $1,000.00 Gift Card!


Product Review – Wilton Mini Pie Press


Mini pies, hand pies, fried pies are all the rage these days if, the food photo sites are any indication. I usually get on board just before the train re-enters the station, but this time I wanted to catch the outbound train. I had in mind a beautiful apple hand pie for an autumnal blogRead More


Product Review – Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

featured chicken and dumplings

On days I bake, I don’t like to cook and on days I cook, I don’t like to bake. I am always on the lookout for fast alternatives to meals that don’t need a lot of preparation. Today I tried Chicken and Dumplings by CrockPot. CrockPot says: “This is a traditional Chicken & Dumplings mix,Read More


Product Review: Kikkoman Tempura Batter Mix


Cod is a wonderful firm whitefish, perfect for fish and chips. A special on cod at the market prompted a fish and chips craving. I looked around for a proper coating for the fish. We like the breading light and crispy so the texture and the flavor of the fish stands out. I found Kikkoman’sRead More


Concord Foods Onion Ring Batter Mix


        My friends at Concord Foods recently sent a package of their products for me to sample and review.  Onion Ring Batter Mix was not included in the package but I later spotted it at my local market. I had to try it. With a house full of teenagers today, I thought itRead More


Product Review – Concord Foods Chiquita Banana Bread Mix

featured banana

Last week I sent a link to my recipe for Mixed Berry Rhubarb Crumble to the people at Concord Foods. I got a lovely response from Samantha McCaul at Concord Foods thanking me for the submission and offering to send samples of other products for me to review and use to develop recipes.  I wasRead More


Product Review – Concord Foods “Blueberry Muffin Mix”


Where have I been for the last 18 months? I just noticed a product in the produce section that I hadn’t seen before, a blueberry muffin mix by Concord Foods. It was first introduced in January 2012. The product is kept refrigerated in the produce case, ready for you to add blueberries, egg, and milk.Read More


Product Review: Frontera Garlicky Carnitas Slow Cook Sauce


I love the Frontera cooking sauces from Rick Bayless. I hadn’t tried the slow cook sauce for carnitas and decided today was the day. I grilled the chunks of pork shoulder in a hot skillet with a little oil. The meat goes into a slow cooker, the sauce gets poured over the top. You putRead More


Double Product Review

Red_Chile_Enchil_4f297c41be6d1_260x260 copy

I love the line of skillet sauces by Rick Bayless of Frontera Restaurant fame. Tonight I decided to make cheese enchiladas using his Red Chile Enchilada Sauce. I decided to pair it with El Torito Corn Cakes, using the package mix. I did not follow the package recipe for cheese enchiladas but put my ownRead More


Product Review – Claim Jumper Apple Crumb Cobbler


If one lives anywhere but on the West coast they may not have heard of Claim Jumper Restaurants. I want to say that I have never eaten at Claim Jumpers nor have I been compensated for this review. Claim Jumpers is famous for large servings and unabashed, decadent food. I have only heard stories aboutRead More


Tide Pods Spring Meadow


We get dirty here at the Buck ‘n Run Ranch, really dirty. I haven’t found a way to muck a stall or clean a chicken coop without getting my clothes dirty. I have tried many brands of laundry detergent but always find my way back to Tide. The clothes just come out cleaner. Until movingRead More


Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce


Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce appeared recently in my favorite grocery store. It happened to catch my eye on the same visit as I discovered rosemary skewers in the produce section.                        I found the rosemary skewers in the produce department in a four pack. TheRead More


King’s Hawaiian Sweet Hot Dog Buns


Michael grew up in Hawaii and he has a big time love of Kings Hawaiian Bread. I have not been much of a fan, finding it too sweet as a dinner roll. However, for many years I have longed for the New England style hot dog bun which are baked with the sides touching. TheRead More


Joie Microwave Bacon Tray and Splatter Lid


I cook bacon quite regularly in small amounts for two. I have been using paper towels to cook bacon on but it is messy and the paper sometimes sticks to the bacon. When I spotted this little pink piggy in the grocery store I couldn’t resist. Who could? I brought my pink piggy home andRead More


Tillamook Mac & Cheese Blend


I love cheese. In a previous post I admit to being a cheese hoarder. I even posted a recipe for Trash Can Mac & Cheese after cleaning out the deli drawer in my fridge. When I spotted this Tillamook Mac & Cheese Blend shredded cheese,  it practically jumped into my cart. I prepared the recipeRead More


Chiquita Banana Bread Mix


I spotted this in the store a couple of days ago. What caught my eye was the small size of the package in relation to the other cake and bread mixes. I thought it might be for a mini version of banana bread but it makes full sized loaf. I decided to give it aRead More


La Salamandra Dulce de Leche


I knew this was going to be a tough review when I spotted La Salamandra’s Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel in the grocery store. I read online that it is the most expensive brand and the best available at this time. I didn’t find it too pricey at $7.99. It is not something I planRead More


Ivar’s Clam Chowder Concentrate


While waiting for my seafood order to be packaged, I spotted this at the local grocery store. I have heard of Ivar’s chowder during trips to the Pacific Northwest but have never tried it. Here’s what the Ivar’s website has to say: The Northwest dining legacy that is Ivar’s began in 1938 with one veryRead More


My Frozen Thanksgiving (Updated with Reviews!)


We are hosting a small gathering of family for Thanksgiving. My father is nervous about me doing too much given the current state of my health. So, I have embraced the concern rather than fight it. We will not have a beautiful table festooned with painted gourds and gold chargers under our plates. Oh no,Read More


Swanson Flavor Boost


First of all, I have not been compensated for this review. I saw the product on the shelf, paid for it with my own money, used it, and now will tell you what I think about it.   I bought this in both chicken and beef flavors and have used it three times. I reallyRead More


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