Grilled Bluepoint Oysters


I've never eaten Bluepoint oysters from the Chesapeake Bay. I spotted them at the seafood counter this morning while shopping for fresh mussels. My heart was already set on mussels for dinner, but lunch was still undetermined. Until I saw those ...

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Grilled Eggplant with Pasta and Shrimp


We are still getting eggplant from our summer garden in November. I suspect this will be our last harvest for the season. I grilled the eggplant on my indoor grill, seasoned with salt and pepper and brushed with olive oil. The grilled eggplant was ...

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White Clam Pizza

Pizza Texture2jpg

I have heard that there are people who don't like pizza. I don't remember ever meeting one. I love pepperoni, BBQ chicken, and artichoke bacon pizzas.I had heard of the white clam pizza made famous by Pepe's in New Haven, Connecticut. Last week I ...

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Crab Stuffed Shells with Pesto


Dungeness crab season is underway on the Pacific coast, inspiring me to get in the kitchen and cook. The result is this recipe for Crab-Stuffed Pasta Shells with White Cheese Sauce and Pesto. Whether served individually as an appetizer, or as a main ...

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Modern Tuna Casserole


We probably all remember the tuna noodle casserole our mothers made which featured a can of cream of mushroom soup. This is the dish that got my young family by until the next paycheck. The best part is, I loved it back then. Now  I have the luxury ...

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Spicy Korean BBQ Shrimp Tacos


The inspiration for tonight's dinner was the Kogi Taco Truck in Los Angeles. Apparently they make a killer Korean BBQ beef short rib taco. Kevin Lynch of Closet Cooking has dissected the Koji Taco Truck recipe down to it's various components so I ...

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Blue Crab Stuffed Mushrooms


I'll start by saying you don't need to use blue crab for this recipe. Any type of crab meat will do. I just happened to pick up a jar of Pontchartrain Blue Crab at Whole Foods, so that is what I used. It was really good. I think this is the first ...

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Grilled Oysters with Parmesan Garlic Butter


Oysters are one of those foods that people either love or they hate, rarely straddling the fence. My mother used to make oyster stew which is actually more of a soup. I loved it. Michael and I always seem to find somewhere to eat oysters when we ...

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Steelhead by any other name…


is still not salmon. Steelhead trout are related to Pacific salmon, but they are actually the same species as rainbow trout. Steelhead live in streams and rivers all along the California coast.  Steelhead trout grow much bigger than rainbow ...

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Cajun Shrimp and Grits


Michael is away for dinner tonight enjoying an early Father's Day dinner with his daughter and son-in-law. My routine, when Michael's away, is to head for the spice cabinet. I like things spicier than Michael does, so I take advantage of the ...

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Stinking Rose Pizza Clone


Oops, I wrote this post three weeks ago and left it in my drafts folder. It is too good not to share! Pizzeria Classico in Folsom California that makes a pizza called the Stinking Rose. This thing is loaded with roasted garlic and, when I say ...

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Jalapeño Ranch Fish Sandwich


I had a bit of driving to do today and my mind wandered to food, specifically, "What would I make for dinner." I decided that a fish sandwich sounded really good, but not just any old fish sandwich. I dreamed up a spicy fish sandwich, using some ...

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Fish Tacos with Sriracha Slaw


If you participated in the Twitter chat with Chef Rick Bayless last night and asked about my fish taco recipe, this one's for you! The real star of this show is the Sriracha slaw dressing. Print Sriracha Slaw Dressing Prep time:  5 ...

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Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon with Fennel


My favorite go-to recipe for salmon is smoked with dill. The market was out of dill today but they had fennel. If you are a regular reader, you know I am not fond of fennel seed. I admit that I have never eaten fresh fennel. I decided to use the ...

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Shrimp and Grits


Michael has gone to the coast for the weekend to take his boat out to the Maverick's Surf Competition. Spectators are not allowed on the beach so the only way to see the action is from a boat or from a bar via Jumbotron. I am at home recovering from ...

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Linguine with White Clam Sauce


When we eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory Michael always order the manager's special which includes two pasta dishes, one of which is linguine with clam sauce. I have never tried it nor have I ever made it. A recipe for it was featured on Tasty ...

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Dungeness Crab Cakes


The heatwave continues and nobody wants to stand at the stove for a long time or heat up the kitchen by using the oven. I decided to make crab cakes and grilled artichokes for dinner. The crab cakes are very easy to make and hardly take any time to ...

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Grilled Tilapia Tacos


It is fish taco time again! I decided to fore-go the frying and opt for grilling the fish in a small amount of olive oil. The results were fantastic. I topped the tacos with homemade mango salsa and slaw with spicy dressing. You could make these with ...

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