Freaky Farm Friday

This being Friday, I would normally post a bunch of pictures under the title Farm Focus Friday.  Normally.

This Friday morning I went out to do my chores with my camera around my neck. I imagined cute animal pictures, pretty wildflowers, and sunrises. It didn’t happen that way. As I entered the emu/goat pasture with a bucket of feed, I heard a loud buzzing overhead. The olive trees were swarming with bees. I aimed my camera and stood still, hoping to capture the cacophony without being stung.

Not wishing to push my luck with the bees, I backed out of the pasture to the safety and serenity of the chicken yard. As I mentioned before, normally on Fridays I would post cute pictures of broody hens, colorful eggs, and baby chicks. Normally.

Today, as I began to throw chicken scratch to the hens, something stopped me dead in my tracks. ep


Clearly, this was not a normal Friday. There would be no wildflowers or sunrise pictures. Faced with menacing mayhem, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do. I filmed it! I’ll be back next week with cute farm pictures but until then, this will have to do. I’m not going back out there.


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