Farm Focus Friday 5-9-2014 at the Egg Farm

I am a bit tardy in posting my Farm Focus Friday photos because it became Food Focus Friday instead. Friday was the last day of the first week of my food photography class, Food Photography Au Naturel, taught by guest instructor and food photographer George Crudo. You can see George’s beautiful photos on his website, George Crudo Photography.

Assignment 1 was due last Friday, so I spent my time working on that. For week 1 I prepared an artichoke with a Brie and almond filling. I’ll post the recipe separately in the food section. Our assignment was to set up a scene and shoot it in natural light with one reflector. We were to submit three photos os the same set-up, noting which ones were our favorite and least favorite, and why.

Here are my submissions, with the third picture being my favorite.




My instructor’s critique:

Great job Mary!
I really liked your explanation and the excellent analysis of your lighting.
Very nice job with your styling, lighting and composition. The old plates, napkins and burlap really give that rustic feel.
I do see a red cast on the napkin and the tip of the lemon. Sometimes the clothing we wear can reflect back onto the subject. Were you wearing red that day or was it something else in the room. I always make sure I’m wearing neutral colored clothing when shooting; which I address in my week 3 video. Excellent work!

P.S. I was wearing a red tee shirt when I shot these photos! He’s good!


Now, back to Farm Photos:

Shy Laverne peeking out to see if I come bearing treats.


It’s fly mask season. Jack and Diane got new masks from Shadow Ridge Donkeys! Jack put on his big boy panties and let me put the mask on him with little effort. What a brave boy!


We have crabapples on the tree!


Stuart with his head crammed in the feed bucket.


Two more broodies! Yikes.


Icelandic chicken on the roost. They are beautiful birds!


Baby Icelandics trying out their wings in the brooder.


A couple of little cockerels and the Langshan flock moved out of the brooder into a coop this week. They are destined to be re-homed to a friend soon.


Broody Marans mama with her two Ameraucana chicks from the feed store. After sitting for weeks on infertile eggs she finally got what she wanted. She is a wonderful broody mom for a first timer.


That’s it for this week. I’ll be back with more farm photos and my food photography submissions for this week!

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  1. says

    Thanks Erlene.

    The donkeys need fly masks to keep the flies off their eyes. The flies drive them crazy and they embed themselves in the soft moist tissue at the corners of the eyes. We could use spray to keep the flies of but Jack is afraid of it. IT too a few days to allow him to let me put the mask on. He likes it now.

  2. says

    Your pictures are nice and crisp. Why does Jack need a fly mask for? Is it to keep flies off their eyes? I’ve never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

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