Hen House Bullies

Girls in the hen-house don’t always get along. There are things that go on in there that you never know about unless you happen by with your video camera in hand. I heard some commotion in the layer coop as I walked by this morning and decided to cheek it out. One of my large White Plymouth Rocks was pushing her weight around in there, vying for a nest box. It didn’t take long to realize that she’s a bully.

Featured Bully

Don’t feel too sorry for the little splash Isbar. You’ll see she has a bit of the mean girl in her too.

Here’s the video. Please note that the white stuff flying around is not feathers. It is from two huge black locust trees that decided to shed their flowers right in the middle of my video.


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    It is a bit out of control. I have a yard full of chickens and a house full too. I promised Michael I was done decorating with chickens but a trip to World Market got the better of me. I found this cute reproduction egg sign and I had to have it.   How could I pass it up? I love the colors, the graphics and the aging. And, if you've ever raised chickens, you know this look. It is referred to as "stink eye." I took a quick trip around the house with my camera, first floor only :-) and put together a little slideshow of the chicken decor. Maybe Michael is right about it being "too much." Nah.

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      The goats are excited.   Living Country in the City has moved to it's new blog site.  Some sections are still under construction but the main blog is up and running.  The posts have been moved as well as the comments, although the format has changed. If you have any problems with the new blog please send an email through the link on the first page. I will be getting the recipe section done soon as well as some photo albums. Thanks for your patience with the old site.  I hope this one will be faster and easier to navigate. I am going to bed now.  My two typing fingers hurt.


  1. says

    I am enjoying your blog and website! We live on 30 acre farm of chickens and horses way back in the hills of Northwestern PA. Near the little town of Shinglehouse.

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