April Fool’s Hatch

Spring has sprung.

Dandelions are in bloom.


Poppies are blooming.


Lilacs are in bloom.


There are buds on the roses.


The rosemary bushes are humming with honey bees.


The weeds are growing like weeds.


And, we woke up to snow on April 1st!


But the true sign that spring has truly sprung on The Egg Farm, is when baby chicks start to hatch!

Five new Icelandics joined our flock.



This one quickly appointed itself in charge.




These two agreed that a blonde should be in charge.




Wellsumer eggs from my friend Kelly yielded a male and a female. The little girl has bait of an attitude. Love the eyeliner! The males don’t have pronounced eyeliner like the females.









We’re thrilled with the new chicks and you’ll be seeing more of them as spring moves into summer. The next batch of eggs will go into the incubator next week along with the arrival of an order of baby chicks. In the meantime, here is a little time lapse video of the hatch.

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    My project chicks, discussed in this post, are almost done hatching. Six chicks have hatched and four more are in the process. None of the eggs shipped from Florida made it to hatch. Shipping is very hard on hatching eggs. I am happy to have a 90% hatch rate with my eggs, otherwise I would be kicking my incubator to the curb! I am excited with all the pretty little chicks. Now I just have to wait six months for them to grow up and start laying.  Some just hatched in the last few hours and still have curved toes but they will be up and running amok soon enough. Here are the first five, in no particular order, ready for their closeups.        

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    Ember Mei We visited Michael's daughter Sarah, her husband Michael, and new baby Ember today. She really is a beautiful baby with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Here are Mom and baby. Why didn't I get a picture of Mike and Ember? Maybe because we wouldn't give her up. Next time. But here is a picture of Mike at the baby shower. Here's the proud Grandpa and baby Ember. Me and Baby Ember. She is so cute. She has a perfect shaped little head, normal ears (not always the case in the O'Brien clan), sweet little lips, and a dainty nose.


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