First Poultry Show

Yesterday my friend Kelly and I went to the 67th annual Pacific Poultry Breeders Show in Stockton, California. I had never been to a poultry show before and I was not prepared. The noise, oh the noise. Immediately upon entering the Main building, we were hit with a cacophony of chicken, rooster, turkey, duck and goose sounds. Other words for cacophony are: din, racket, noise, clamor, discord, dissonance, discordance, and uproar. This doesn’t even begin to describe it. Of all the animals in this building, from massive geese and turkeys down to miniature ducks, the little female call ducks were by far the loudest. Well, see for yourself.

Kelly fell in love with the call ducks and was tempted to bring a pair home. After a day of listening to them quack, she decided against it.


On the other hand, I fell in love with a pair of Siberian Red Breasted Geese.


I decided against bringing the Siberian geese home after I saw the price tag.

geeseThis was the waterfowl exhibit area.


Here’s a close-up of my friend Ryan’s goose that took first place!


One of Ryan’s Muscovey ducks. They sort of creep me out.


Here is Ryan trying to avoid the camera. For 19 year’s old, Ryan is quite the waterfowl breeder!

poultryshow-30East Indies Duck


Silver Appleyard duck, the breed I would choose if I could have ducks. Too many predators around here for ducks.


Here are some of the turkeys being shown. I still miss my sweetgrass turkey. They were so awesome!



poultryshow-4The large breed chickens were shown in this area.

poultryshowBlue Polish

poultryshow-38Black Polish


poultryshow-26Phoenix rooster

poultryshow-25Big Buff Orpington Rooster

poultryshow-24Speckled Sussex

poultryshow-23Buff Polish

poultryshow-22Buff Orpington


Nice straight comb!

poultryshow-20The stink eye!

poultryshow-19Huge Brahma!


I tried to get my hand in the picture for size comparison. Didn’t really work!


The White Plymouth Rocks were huge!



poultryshow-12Chantecler rooster


poultryshow-10New Hampshire




Here are Kelly and Walt discussing the merits of the ducks.


These two little boys brought their dwarf Nigerian goats to the show in the back of a station wagon. So cute.


My visit to the bantam showroom coincided with my camera dying so I didn’t get any pictures.


I had a great time at my first poultry show. Kelly breeds Welsummers and Barnevelders which are eligible to be judged in US shows. She may start showing her birds, so I likely will be attending more shows in the future. I’ll take earplugs and extra camera batteries next time. Even if you don’t raise poultry or waterfowl, check out a show if you have the opportunity. Lots of eye candy!


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