. . . and don’t you come back!

We had uninvited guests in the emu pasture this morning.




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  • goofs

    The farm animals are at their best in the morning. The chickens are noisy, the donkeys are goofy, the emus silly, and the goats clumsy. I love my mornings in the pastures feeding the animals. I offered to trade shifts with Michael the other day, but truth be told, I'm not trading. He has the p.m. shift when the animals are hot, tired, and lazy. He misses all the funny stuff. Like this.  

  • featuredtucker

    When Michael takes Tucker for a walk, he lets him off the leash at the bottom of the driveway and he gets to run home. It is his favorite part of the day.  

  • fence-4

    If you are considering owning emus, please consider this a cautionary tale. Don't trust the smile!


  1. Mary says

    Oh, I would miss the turkeys if they didn’t come back. I love when they have the babies with them. The emus don’t share this opinion but, she who pays for the feed gets to make the rules.

    Happy New Year Lea Ann!

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