I have 61 chickens in my backyard . . .

and yesterday I had to buy eggs to make a fruitcake.




The turquoise egg is from my flock.

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    If you already have Icelandics you know this already. If not, here's a little known factoid. Not a true fact because it has not been proven scientifically but anecdotally by myself and my friends who also raise Icelandics. They can and will break out of anywhere. Tiny little chicks will escape through a small hole in a brooder. Juveniles will squeeze through fence openings. Adult birds will fly up and over fences, regardless of height. It's what they do. They will perch high in trees and dare you to try to get them down. They will roost in the rafters of the barn. They pretty much do as they please. This morning I was on the phone when I looked out my office window and saw on of my little Icelandic chicks on top of the netting that encloses our chicken yard. I abruptly hung up the phone and went out to save the day. I stopped long enough to grab my cameras. I am a blogger after all.   If you look closely by the arrow you will see the baby chick. That pole is nine feet tall!   I spent the next 30 minutes inside the yard with…

  • 59664_byccon

    We won the Cutest Chick Photo Contest on BYC with this picture of a day old baby chick we hatched out!   We won a certificate which we will frame and hang in the incubator/brooder room to give the homely ones some hope!  


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