DIY “Emergency” heater vent deflector

I recently moved my bed to a small downstairs bedroom I had been using as my office. I did this to reduce the number of times a day I have to go up and down the stairs. The decision to buy this house was to facilitate my being able to live on one floor. The incurable lung and heart disease I have makes stair climbing difficult. After a year of sleeping upstairs I decided to make the move. It has really made a positive impact. I have a bedroom with a small closet, a full attached bath, and the laundry on the first floor. My queen size bed is oversized for the room but since Tucker made the move with me, I need the space. I shot this pic at 4:00 a.m. last week. I e-mailed it to Michael upstairs with the question “Does Tucker share my bed or do I share Tucker’s bed?” The split is about 2/3 to 1/3 with him getting the larger spot. But, I love him, so it is what it is.


The one drawback to the move however, is the heat in that room. We have a heat pump. Between my twelve inches of space on the bed and the red curtain, is the floor vent that supplies the heat for this room. If you have ever had a heat pump you know that when they kick on, the air coming out is not yet heated. In fact, it is like an arctic blast. All night long, the heat pump comes on and chilled air slaps me out of a sound sleep. Just about the time the air gets warm I fall back to sleep only to get hit with a blast again. This was not working.

Friday we were expecting our first snow and temperatures in the teens. Clearly, this was going to be a problem. I have never driven in snow so going to the hardware store was not happening. I put my newly rediscovered DIY skills to good use and made my own heat vent deflector.


Let me get you in a little closer because I know, as soon as this post hits the Linky parties, the crafters will be all over it.


Here is a list of supplies you’ll need to make your own heat vent deflector:

1 Velveeta Cheese box

2 feet of Gorilla Tape

Tools needed:

Scissors or your own teeth to rip the tape. I used my teeth.


Pull the glue loose on one long edge of the cardboard box. Tape it to the floor with the open side of the box facing the direction you want the arctic air to go. That’s it, you’re done. Of course you can get all crafty and paint the cardboard box first, add a little glitter, use chalkboard paint and write little notes to yourself. Be as creative as you want. Mine is between the bed and the wall so I am the only one that sees it. I was able to go minimalistic in my design.

If you step on your DIY cardboard air deflector and flatten it, you can wait until the snow melts and go to the hardware store and pick up a plastic one for $4.00. No gorilla tape needed. It’s magnetic.


Where’s my glitter?




  1. Genius! I have a couple of rooms that could use this, but I hadn’t thought about making them myself. How simple is that?

    Thank you for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you’ll join us again this Thursday.

  2. well…I like it

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