Animal Sightings

Sometimes when you have animals, you see things you can’t un-see. We are about to experience our first emu mating season here at the Buck ‘n Run Ranch. I am afraid we are going to see things that we really wish we hadn’t seen. Until then, there’s just the occasional odd thing that catches our eye.

I looked out my kitchen window yesterday and saw this. It appeared as if our fainting goats had both died at the same time and hit the ground rear end to rear end.


I stayed calm because I’ve seen “dead” animals a lot and Michael really hates going out to verify that they are just asleep. I waited a few minutes and was relieved to look out and see this.


The same day I looked out the same window and saw a huge hulking creature that was unfamiliar on the lawn in the backyard.


A quick trip outside revealed Jack and Diane, who had been let out into the yard to graze and keep Michael company while he worked.


I went to check on the chickens one night and found three Icelandic juveniles sleeping on the narrow edge of a 2×4 while the roosts were pretty much empty.



A baby chick on a cupcake stand. You’ve all seen that, right?


Little black copper Marans eating the Halloween Jack-o-lantern.


Then there’s Tucker. There is no telling where you’ll find him.

Sniffing out gophers.


On the hot tub with our granddaughter.


In a giant beanbag chair.


On the back of the sofa.


In the car.


In my bed.




Seeing emus mating may not be so scary after all!

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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