DIY – Decorative Screen

My autumn front door decor needed some punch. I decided to use an orange and teal color scheme to mix it up a bit. I started by covering the black and tan striped chair cushions with a paisley fabric in orange and teal.





I added these cute pillows I found at TJ Maxx.


I wanted to add more fabric to the porch and create a more defined seating area. I decided to make a folding screen with printed burlap fabric I bought deeply discounted on the remnant table at the fabric store.

The screen took the better part of an afternoon and cost $45.00, broken down as follows:

Fabric               $5.00

Lumber             22.00

Spray paint         6.00

Hardware          12.00

TOTAL             $45.00

You’ll need a stapler, staples, wood glue, and a drill. Here’s how I made it:

I bought 8 pieces of primered trim board at Home Depot. The boards were 8 feet long. I cut the boards to a height of 5 feet, reserving the extra 3 feet for the tops and bottoms.


I moved into the basement to assemble the frames where I had a large workbench at my disposal. I used corner hardware braces to attach the tops to the sides as well as Gorilla wood glue.






I took them outside and painted the fronts a chocolate-brown. I didn’t paint the backs as the fabric would mostly cover it. In hindsight, I probably should have painted them.


I them used a staple gun to attach scraps of chicken wire (already in hand) to the top and bottom parts. You can see the corner braces in this picture too.


I then stapled the fabric to the back of the large sections with staples.


Michael helped me attach the hinges to put the three pieces together and it was ready to go on the porch. I plan to use it for my Christmas display as well by just adding gold accessories. Between uses, I can fold it flat flat and stash it in the rafters.




After I got this sign home from TJMaxx, Michael pointed out that it was missing the “i” in Rides. I didn’t even notice!


NaBloPoMo November 2013


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