Monster N-Tune Headphones & Chance to Win!

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Imagine my excitement when I opened a box from Monster to find a set of N-TUNE candy tangerine orange headphones. I was excited to be a part of the Monster headphone campaign as I really need a good set of headphones. Living on a hobby ranch with the world’s noisiest man and a barnyard full of animals is a challenge. Chickens cluck, roosters crow, emus drum, donkeys bray, and so on. I need to tune it all out sometimes just to get some peace and quiet and distraction-free blogging time. The N-Tunes headphones are perfect. I can connect to my computer or plug into my cell phone and listen to music. If a phone call comes in, I can take with easy in-cable controls.

Monster engineered the N-Tune headphones to be indestructible. I haven’t worn them in the emu pen yet, but that would be a good test. Emus love bright colors and the N-Tune headphones certainly offer that. It’s fun to think of all the grandkids who would love to find these under the Christmas tree. There is a color for everyone!

I like comfortable fit of the N-TUNE headphones. Sometimes I forget that I have them on. I am able to do photo and video editing for hours in comfort.

I am a quiet person in a noisy world. The passive noise isolating function is the most important to me. Michael is a musician and the sound quality is important to him. The N-Tune headphones are great for playing instruments and composing music. We are all enjoying the Monster headphones.

headphonesHere’s a little video review of my experience with the N-Tune headphones.

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  1. Laurie Bisel says

    I would love to have a durable and good sound quality set of headphones. My kiddos go through them like gallons of milk. One loves…….orange and has been known to wear the color head to toe!

  2. Shawn Tolman says

    I’d have to go for the purple ones… they would make an awesome 40th birthday gift for my wife on Nov 1st!!!

  3. Robin Freeman says

    Color and tangle free, plus noise isolation? Sign me up! I would have to go with orange…..I couldn’t lose’m!

  4. says

    Can we just take a moment to stand in full awe of the headphones on doggage?

    My dogs would never allow it, but you know now I will have to try.

    The purple ones make my heart pitter-pattery because the eight year old in me is still alive and kicking.

  5. Blanche Nonken says

    Man, I have to choose between Candy Red and Candy Purple. OK, Candy Red. Because I’m just not old enough to wear purple, y’know? :) And yeah, indestructible would be good, because… goats. Right?

    Thanks to you and to Monster for the opportunity!

  6. Kathy says

    Candy tangerine is a very nice color! That would be my choice.
    Great video, Mary. Maybe you could take on a part time job – doing commercials!

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