Laverne! Really? Again?

I was out taking video of the emus this morning. An online friend who lives in the Australian bush and researches emus asked me to videotape Chica strutting and drumming. I was doing that this morning, and if you look closely at the video, you’ll see I completely missed the fact that fainting goat Laverne had gotten herself in a pickle. Not for the the first time either! I tried to free her but couldn’t since she had torn the welded wire off the vinyl fence. In true blogger style, I took a little video before running back to the house to summon Michael to help.

Laverne was fine after Michael extricated her head from the fence. Hopefully she’ll realize she has the same grass on her side of the fence!





  1. Well, duh. It’s not like she hasn’t had her head stuck in the fence before.

  2. Michael OBrien says:

    Notice that the video is more important than the rescue. LOL

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