Perfect Deviled Eggs!

The perfect deviled egg have eluded me. The white are usually rubbery and the yolks off center with a green discoloration around the edges. I was drawn to a blog post on King Arthur Flour with instructions for the perfect deviled egg. I had to try it.

Step 1 was to find less-than-fresh eggs. My backyard eggs would not do, so I bought eggs from the store, heaven forbid, with a backyard full of chickens.

Step 2 was to place the carton in the refrigerator on its side overnight. This is to allow the yolk to center itself. Please excuse the condiments. I have a problem.


The next step was to remove the eggs and allow them to come to room temperature before “cooking.” KAF stresses we will not be boiling them. Boiling makes the whites rubbery and causes cracking as they bump against one another. I let my eggs come to room temperature then placed them into a pot covered by an inch with cold, unsalted water. I turned on the heat and allowed them to come to a full rolling boil then immediately removed them from the heat and put a tight cover on the pan. I set the timer for 20 minutes because I had jumbo eggs. I prepared a large bowl with ice water and when the timer went off, I removed  the eggs and placed them into the ice water bath. I allowed them to cool completely before cracking and peeling under cold running water.

Guess what?  IT WORKED!  My egg whites were tender and my yolks center without a hint of green edges! Just look at this:


With the centered yolks, the whites become perfect little vessels to hold the deviled yolks.


Look at this perfectly yellow yolk without the grey/green edges.


As per the instructions on KAF, I removed the yolks and ran them through the ricer I stole from Nikki’s yard sale. It worked perfectly. At first I felt a little guilty, but when I saw those perfectly grated egg yolks I got over it. I put the yolks in a small bowl, added about a half cup of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of yellow mustard, and a pinch of salt. That was it. I mixed it all up, put it in a pastry bag with a large star tip and filled the egg whites.

I picked up this beautiful egg tray at a local consignment shop. I guess I should mention that in reaching for the egg tray, I tipped over a large painting and it crashed to the floor, breaking the glass. In my defense, it was placed precariously anyway. But the good news is I got the egg tray! According to the carvings on the back it was handmade by Anni in 1980. Thanks Anni!


I added a little paprika for color.


I was photographing the deviled eggs in my studio in the basement. Baby chicks were chirping in the brooder  so I grabbed one for a photo op. I am planning to submit this for my photography assignment this week! I can’t wait for my critique on this one!  Happy Easter. Make some perfect deviled eggs. They are simply divine. Thanks PJ Hamel at King Arthur Flour!




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Let me entice you with mouth watering recipes, gorgeous food photography, and years of experience raising and breeding chickens, emus, goats, and donkeys on a small hobby ranch in northern California
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Let me entice you with mouth watering recipes, gorgeous food photography, and years of experience raising and breeding chickens, emus, goats, and donkeys on a small hobby ranch in northern California


  1. As a southern girl from Georgia, I’m always looking for ways to improve my deviled eggs. I love the tip about turning the carton on its side! I’ve never heard that before. I’m definitely trying this tomorrow. Gorgeous piping too!

  2. I never got the green edges before, but I know what you mean with the “egg centre” problem. My egg yolks were never cooked that perfect as yours from this picture. Definitely a new way of cooking which deserves a try! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I also followed you here from your comment on the KAF blog post. I’m excited to see you followed the instructions and got such lovely results. But then again, when has KAF ever steered us wrong? Those are beautiful deviled eggs and that egg tray you found is the prettiest I have ever, ever seen. Your photography is wonderful as well. God bless!

    • Thanks Gwen! I love KAF. Read the blog every morning and I am always disappointed when there isn’t a new post. I am selfish like that. :-) The egg tray was a great consignment shop find. I hope you visit again.


  4. Found your blog vi the KAF blog and thought I’d have a peep at your deviled eggs and I’m not sorry, they are gorgeous! I am also in love with your egg serving plate. I actually did not know there were serving plates for eggs. I’ll be looking out for one now!
    Eggs are amazing and if I could only have two dessert island food items – it would be eggs and potatoes.

  5. Oh my goodness, a comment from PJ Hamel! This is the blogger equivalent of a SuperBowl win. Thanks PJ! Pinch me. :-)

  6. PJ Hamel says:

    Wow, those deviled eggs are absolutely gorgeous! They look SO nice piped through a tip… thanks so much for helping share the recipe to a larger audience. Cheers – PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour

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