I won’t miss the blue toilets.

The sale of our old house, the original Buck ‘n Run Ranch. It has recorded and the new owners have moved in. Last week we made our last visit to retrieve a few remaining personal items. I have to admit driving away was bittersweet and a couple of times I fought tears as I looked out over the pastures and remembered all the good times we had there. It was our first real attempt at hobby ranching with real farm animals and we learned a lot. I realized that as happy as I was to leave it for some reasons, I was sad for others. I went through my photo library and chose a few examples. I will start with the things I won’t miss so I end this post on a positive note. I won’t miss:

Laminate counter tops, tiny recessed lights, absent back splashes, and huge grout lines. Every room on a different level. Step up one, down one, up two, down two, up one, etc. all day long. My hips and knees thank me everyday. Steep stairs. A hip fracture waiting to happen. Culverts. This fruitless mulberry tree. Nesting birds.

Roaming dogs (the bane of my existence):   Dogs off leash:

Dog attacking me: Nasty neighbors (I am not referring to the llamas, I liked them)

Nosey neighbors:


I just can’t help myself. I am saving the best thing I won’t miss for last. In the meantime, here are a few things I will miss. The cows across the street.

I will miss our first ranch fence but not all the drama it caused. Donkeys in the round pen.   Fruit trees. Fall on the ranch. (I won’t miss that crooked telephone pole. I drove me nuts) Sunrises.

Sunsets. Moonrises:   Cute coops! Free ranging chickens. The beautiful barn we had built.

The beautiful pond that Adam dug for us. Bob and Bob: And Bob and Bob and Bob and Bob and Bob and Bob:   Mr. and Mrs. Mallard:   Assorted waterfowl that frequented our pond:

Free blackberries: Rainbows: Springtime: Assorted freeloaders: Baby emus on the deck: Baby emus and baby goats on the deck: Baby goats and emus: Baby ducks: Goats on rocks:

Goats on Donkeys.

The wonderful woodstove that kept us warm and cozy.

I will miss all the wonderful creatures we loved and lost.

Blind Lucy and PeeWee:


Brave sweet Barngirl:

Bonnie and Clyde, though Clyde lives on with a friend and a harem of new girlfriends.

My sweet turkeys.

Life at the first Buck ‘n Run Ranch taught us a lot of lessons the hard way. We learned to close and lock every gate, every time, no matter what. We learned that animals who are too independent to seek shelter at night are not for us. Examples are ducks, geese, and turkeys who are no match for coyotes, bobcats and raccoons. We learned that there is truth in the saying, “If you are going to have livestock, you are going to have deadstock.” We can only do the best we can and, if they choose to roll the dice, they sometimes lose. We also learned that just because a mixed bag of assorted farm animals looks cute all in one pasture, that doesn’t mean they should be. When a goofy goat climbs up on the back of a skittish donkey hoping for a ride, it is a recipe for disaster. When an emu sneaks up on a skittish donkey and pecks his rear end, this won’t necessarily end well. When a broody hen is reintroduced to the flock and the emus forget she was their friend, somebody is going to get hurt. Knowing what worked and what didn’t made the move to the new Buck ‘n Run Ranch easier. We have a place for everyone and everyone is in their place. Those that can live well together do, and those that can’t, don’t.

The first Buck ‘n Run Ranch is now history. We are living and loving the new Buck ‘n Run Ranch and making new memories here. As promised I will now reveal the two items I will miss the least from the old Buck ‘n Run Ranch. The hands-down winner, and I’m sure you’ll agree, has to be the blue toilets!

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