What is it and how did it get in my incubator?

Granddaughter Ember loves chickens. We recently gave her family  their first chicken coop. It looked like this when we bought it.

It looked like this when delivered.

Her mama said she wanted to get Ember a silkie or two so I ordered some sizzle hatching eggs. Sizzles are a silkie frizzle cross. Two of the eggs hatched last nigh and I found this in the incubator this morning.

Luckily this was in there with it.

I actually think there are quite cute, but……………..?

There is one more sizzle egg left to hatch. I’ll post an update when it makes it’s debut. I am almost afraid to look. In the meantime, here’s what I have!


  1. Looks like a silkie with a vaulted skull – this is a desirable trait. I’ve hatched about 300 or so silkies out of our incubator, so I’ve seen a few of them ;-)

    • I was just being silly. I know what it is I just didn’t expect it to look quite that way. They are sizzles but I won’t know for a while if they are smooth or frizzled. I ordered to eggs to hatch for my granddaughter. Wow. 300 silkies. You must have a lot of broodies! Thanks for visiting.

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