Nesting, Men vs. Women

The animals are all safe and secure in their new shelters at the new house. The old house is now vacant and ready to be put on the market. The items vital to everyday living have been unpacked and put away. This is not to say that we have no boxes left to unpack. There are still plenty of those. But enough is done for the desire to start nesting to set in. Michael has his “man stuff” set up and I have been focusing on my bedroom. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that we sleep in separate rooms for a variety of reasons, the most significant being that I sleep at night and get up in the morning and Michael doesn’t!  So we watch television or chat in the master bedroom until I get sleepy, then I creep off to the opposite side of the house to sleep. This routine began about fourteen years ago when we lived in the same apartment building but on different floors.

I noticed yesterday that, at least in my relationship, nesting differs along gender lines. My bedroom has always been sparse, adorned with leftover odd decor pieces. Last year when my health issues flared up I required more rest, I would lie in my bed and think, “Man, is this room ugly, or what?” A year ago, when we had no plans to move, I painted and decorated my room. I even wrote a post about it. I enjoyed my room until the grind of going up and down steps all day long took it’s toll on my joints. I mostly slept downstairs in my office until we moved. My bedroom at the new house is still upstairs but, with all the downstairs rooms on one level, I am much more mobile.  I don’t run up and down the stairs all day, I mostly stay down but, when I get ready to go to sleep, I slip off to my room. My nest. I expounded on the bird theme I started at the old house by adding a headboard with a wooden bird and other bird related accessories. As I was taking pictures for this post it struck me how much different Michael and I have feathered our nests. So, as I show you my room, I will make comparisons to Michael’s and hopefully he won’t read this.

My room:


Michael’s room:


My laundry hamper:

Michael’s laundry hamper: (note the clothes on the floor right next to the empty hamper) ???????

My television:

Michael’s television:

My room:

Michael’s room:

 My bathroom sink: (Note that the mouthwash matches the towel color)

Michael’s bathroom sink (featuring the bilious blue toilet bowl cleaner stamper)

I guess what works for one doesn’t work for all. While having three computers in my bedroom would cause severe anxiety, especially if they weren’t all the same make, model, and color, it is Michael’s idea of the ultimate man cave. I do admit to wanting a laptop so I can surf the web and blog from under the blankets, but I would have to order a cover to match my room. That’s just how I roll.

As long as everyone has a space to do what they enjoy and get the rest they need, then different nests for different folks works for me.

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