They gotta’ eat…

Feeding all the animals at the Buck ‘n Run is mostly my job. It was all spread out at the last house and took more time. I decided at the house to position the animals in closer proximity to the house for the convenience of caring for them. I lived to regret that decision the morning the chickens woke up in their new homes crowing their heads off directly below my bedroom window. That is another story for another time though. This is about feeding them and keeping them happy. In the time they have been here their feed has been in storage bins near their pastures. Since we do not have a barn here to store feed in I decided to have a small shed built for that purpose. In the meantime the feed bins are under the deck with the full bags of feed and my scooter.

I devised a plan to organize and simplify the process of feeding the animals and keep the feed safe and dry. The 8′ x 10′ feed storage shed will be located in a parking area alongside the driveway for easy unloading. I will be able to store the feed bins, unopened 50# bags of feed, and a couple of bales of hay. The shed will be completed by the end of the week and I can move everything from under the deck. As of tonight it is completely framed and ready for siding and a roof but here’s a pic from earlier in the day when just the floor was done.

The shed with match the color of the house with a black metal roof. I had it positioned to one side of the parking area so we will have a place to keep our utility trailer. Because of my health problems I get around better on my Cricket scooter. I outfitted it with collapsible buckets to hold the feed. It also has a bed with holds a flake of hay or grass. I can fill my buckets with chicken feed, oats for the donkeys, goat chow and emu food, toss in a flake of grass and head out to feed the animals.

After loading all I have to do is ride around to the back where all the animal feeding areas are in easy reach. The donkey shelter is my first stop all the way to the right in this panoramic picture. Jack and Diana each get a carrot if they let me put  fly masks on them. After that they get a small scoop of crimped oats each and a portion of 70/30 pasture grass/alfalfa mix. From there I move to the emu/goat area where they are fed. It is always chaotic with them eating each other’s food, head butting, etc. Since this has been going on since we’ve had them I don’t worry much about it. The chickens are last on my route. Yesterday I set each coop up with a new ten pound feeder full of Flock Raiser. All I need to do for them is throw out a little scratch and top off their feeders. With everyone happily eating, I make my way back around the front of the house and park my scooter under the deck.


I think this system will work well for me without all the steep inclines to walk at the old house. Hopefully I will be able to keep hobby ranching for a much longer time.


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  1. Andrea says

    Sounds so much easier for you. I really didn’t think there was going to be that much room under the deck. its nice to have all that area. Glad to hear its all going good and all the animals are home with you. Let me know if you need help with anything.

    • Mary says

      Yeah someone took advantage of that space and I am glad they did. It will be a good storage for the stuff we have always kept in our “junkyard.” We are doing fine. Still not unpacked but we’ll get there someday.

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