Our weather has been wild and wacky today with pummeling rain, cold wind, hail, lightning, thunder and tornadoes. Yes, tornadoes. This was the scene from our dining room. This activity became a tornado that touched down at our fire station, 2.6 miles from our home.


The most disturbing thing about the weather today was the fact that we do not have shelters for our animals yet. I cancelled my order this morning and demanded a refund when I found out that we were probably going to be well into next week by the time they were installed. I have been lied to repeatedly about the date for installation and had finally had enough today. The person with whom I placed the order has been nice to me once during the process and that was the day I placed my order and paid. Since then it has all gone downhill. Luckily Allen, the contractor we have used for other projects is available this week and I will at least have shelter for the donkeys. The goats stayed most of the day in their dogloos but the emus and donkeys seemed quite stressed and cold. Michael twice lead the donkeys down to the shade shelter by luring them with hay in the back of the Polaris. They kept coming back to the house and standing in the rain. If I had shelters available for the animals and they chose to stand out in the rain then I would be fine with that. They have no choice at this point. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll soon have cozy shelters for them. Then I’ll be back posting pictures of the animals standing out in the rain in front of their shelters. But, I’ll be ok with that!

The evening has been quite a weather event for our area. The tornado warning has just been lifted and I am going to go to bed and get warm. Here’s a little video I shot from the upstairs window a few minutes ago.


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    Years ago I named my blog Everyday Miracles and Mayhem because there always seemed to be something going on that fit into one of those two categories. Hobby ranching just increases the odds of these things happening. While my miracles do not rise to the level of biblical proportions, they are still miracles to me. Mayhem is subjective. Since it's my blog, I get to be the judge. Geese eating my newly planted California poppies qualifies today. The sight of Stella, my gypsy hen roaming free, far from the safety of the chicken yard is, in my mind, mayhem.  Thistle everywhere is mayhem. Fields of clover are a miracle. The fact that Diana can still run despite her recent weight gain is a miracle. A turkey burger that actually tastes good is a miracle. A pure white Icelandic chick is a miracle. Six foot tall emus grooming a mammoth donkey over a fence is a miracle. Without the fence? Mayhem. Having my Cricket scooter to ride down to the far pasture to visit with the donkeys is a miracle. Finding bearded purple iris growing in the far pasture is a miracle. I'll leave you with mayhem in this first installment…


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