Scallops, Stretching and Starving

Michael is stretching fence for the new chicken runs today. His system for getting it nice and tight is to use a come-a-long attached to the bumper of the Hummer. Seems to be working pretty well. We have so much better an understanding of fencing than when we first became hobby ranchers. We decided to do it right from the get-go this time instead of slapping it together just to get it done then never fixing it, a habit of ours. In this instance when I say “we” are putting up fencing I mostly mean Michael. My job has been to stand on the end of the very heavy roll of 100’x6’of non-climb wire so that it does’t roll back up and knock Michael down the hill. I am really good at standing, as long as I only have to do it for about five minutes. I have a fencing project of my own going on right now. I’d go take a picture of it for you, but I just finished washing the red dirt off my feet and can’t bring myself to go back outside. I am working on keeping the goats from escaping under the three rail ranch fencing. Once they tasted freedom it was hard to keep them in. No, actually it was impossible. I think I have it tackled though.

As for the reference to scallops, I am cooking some tonight! I miss cooking nice meals and decided I was going to go for it tonight. I hope I have everything I need to pull it off. I’ll probably have to unpack a couple dozen boxes by the time I put the meal on the table but I need to get that done anyway. Don’t you just hate moving? Why do we do it so much? Anyway I got off topic. I am experimenting with making scallops in an orange soy sauce with a side of butternut squash. I came up with the recipe in my head as I drove to the old house this morning. If it’s good, Ill post the recipe and a picture. If it’s bad we’ll never speak of this again.

The fencing is getting done just in time to save my poor chickens and turkeys. I hadn’t been to the old house for a couple of days and found them out of food this morning. They had eaten everything in the feeders and even managed to dismantle the feeders trying to get more food out. I thought I had left them plenty but apparently not. They were standing on my feet while I was trying to put the feeders back together again and fill them up. Poor babies. They have automatic pop doors and auto waterers so I thought I had everything under control. I’ll go over daily until I get the poor dears home with us where they belong.

Don’t try this at home kids.

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