Preparing this post in advance…

I am preparing this post in advance because if I wait until after the event has taken place, I will probably be at the trauma center or auto body shop. Here’s the situation in a nutshell. Michael ended up fencing himself into a corner, not himself exactly, but the Hummer.  He drove it up the hill this morning to use it to pull fencing. Now that the fencing is up, his route back down is fenced off. LIke many humans possessing a “Y” chromosome, Michael has decided the best thing to do is to drive the Hummer back down over a rocky retaining wall. When I questioned him about his plan, he answered, “It’s a Hummer. They are made for that.”  Well, I recall doing the Hummer research before we bought the Hummer and I can’t remember reading anything about driving one down a retaining wall. Our options at this point are quite limited. We either take out the three rail ranch fencing, or the fence he just put up, or he drives back down over the rocks. I’ll be back later with an update.

Update: A.D.D kicked in and he decided to weed whack instead of pull fencing. Tomorrow! We need that car.

Update: Video is done! He squeaked by without damage to the car or himself.

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