We’re here.

Just a brief catch-up on the move. We are in but not anywhere near unpacked. We have sort of a Helter-Skelter system going on. Our first priority was getting the livestock over, minus the poultry. The goats, Laverne and Shirley rode over in the back of the Hummer. Think carwash needed. Yesterday with the help of my friend Fred we moved the emus and donkeys. I would like to say that it went well but I would be lying. I meant to videotape the move but I didn’t out of consideration for all involved, animals included. Let’s just say they got here in one piece and are settling in nicely. Jack and Diane are having lots of fun exploring their several acre pasture. When I drove by the front of the property today, Diana was running in a big circle, leaning into the curves she created. Jack was content to plod along behind her. Jack is still mad at Michael for his part in the trailer fiasco. Even carrots won’t win him over but he’ll be himself in a few days. I am not so sure about Fred who probably set fire to his clothes before going home. What happens in the trailer stays in the trailer.

The chickens and turkeys will come over when their coops are ready and the runs are fenced and covered with flight netting. Luckily they can pretty much take care of themselves at the old house with my visiting only once per day. I brought my 12 baby chicks over and they are temporarily housed in the basement. It still seems funny to say “basement” as they are few and far between in this part of California. I am so glad we have it though.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the yard with the coops being placed. I ordered four small coops for the rare breeds I raise plus one for the turkeys. The big coop is for my Icelandics and my layers.



The little yellow house will be for my incubators and brooders. After living with the goats so close to the house for three days I have decided to let them pasture with the emus. That is what they want to do anyway. I will use that flat space for garden beds. I have missed my garden very much.

Now that I have found my camera cord and charger I’ll be back with regular updates and hopefully some new recipes. I can’t wait to get cooking in my new old kitchen! I absolutely love this house. It is dream come true. We found out yesterday that at one time in it’s 118 year history, it was home to the Schlage family of the lock and handset fame. How cool is that?

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  1. Andrea says

    Let me know if you need help Mom. Emily can come back up and help unpack if you need it or I can come help with stuff too. Happy to hear you love the house and are getting settled in.

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