We have satellite internet. It sucks. It sucks so bad that there is even an app for mobile devices called HughesNet Sucks. The last month has been almost beyond belief. The connection speed is so slow that much of the time we are offline. When we are online it takes so long for pages to load that we can’t see images. In place of the image we see a blue question mark. It is hard to blog when you can’t see images. I only see blue question marks.

I miss blogging everyday but the frustration with trying to post has beat me down. I will be back more regularly very soon. We went to the expense of having a T1 line installed last month and even as impossible as this sounds, it was worse than HughesNet. We cancelled after four outages in the first week. they have a 30 day cancellation policy with no early termination fee. Imagine the horror last week when I opened a letter from MegaPath and found a bill for $5,244.00 for early termination. I took to my bed in a fetal position for two days. Michael got on the phone and eventually was able to prove that we cancelled well within the first 30 days and the charge was reversed. I still can’t put my key in the mailbox lock without suffering a panic attack. When a month goes by without that bill reappearing I think I can relax. The new solution to slow satellite internet is much more radical than a T1 line. I cannot divulge the details for fear of jinxing it. Hopefully I will soon be back posting like a crazy chicken lady with high speed internet.







  1. We have HughesNet too, and find ourselves saying bad things at the television when we see their ads :) Were you able to find a better solution?

  2. $5000 for early termination–thats CRAZY! I hope you find a better alternative so you can get back to bloging and we, your readers can get back to reading!

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