Lukka’s Babies Runnin’ Amok! (Video)

Yesterday I heard one of Lukka’s little babies try to crow. It was a sick, sad attempt but cute as a button. I studied the whole bunch with my video camera and found that all the boys are crowing and the girls are still fussing for their momma, who has rekindled her romance with Isi. The most amazing thing I saw is that the little cockerel fights are being broken up by the most unlikely source, STELLA. Stella is a carefree “I’ll never be broody” kind of gal. Confined to a nest box for twenty-one days while sitting on eggs? She thinks not. Being tagged along for weeks by a rag tag band of chirping babies? Heavens no.  Hitting the sunroom for treats dragging the kids along? Puhlease.  NO, the single life is the only life for Miss Stella. Today she did take a few moments out of her day to babysit for Lukka while she made out with Isi down at the big stump by the fence. Turn up your volume to enjoy the crowing, if you can call it crowing.

This little girl just wanted her momma!


  1. Tonya Taber says:

    Pathetic and oh so cute! Aunt Stella is just a stick in the mud!

  2. Oh, I like the developed crows, too. My neighbors like the sound of my roosters, but I haven’t been able to talk them into taking an extra, yet!

  3. I like when they are first starting to learn to crow.

    • Hi MIke! Don’t you wish their crows stayed just like they are at this age? We could have more roosters that way without ticking off the neighbors. Thanks for visiting.


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