Male emu sounds

Emus make different sounds depending on their gender. The girls make a “boom boom’ sound and the boy’s grunt like pigs. Fitting. They don’t make these sounds until they reach a certain age. Before they make their adult sounds, they whistle. Chica and Loca at 8 months old are still whistling. Stuart and Louis are almost 18 months old and they are beginning to make the grunting sound. Stuart makes it a lot during his guard activities. I heard Louis making the grunting sound while watching the turkeys this morning. Listen carefully for it.


Nobody makes any sounds while they share breakfast with Laverne and Shirley. Eatin’ is serious business at the Buck ‘n Run!

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    As a first time hobby rancher/farmer I have a lot of cautionary tales to tell. I learned this one the hard way. Frappaccinos belong in the cup holder in your car, not on a rock in the barnyard.       

  • playing-1-12a

    It turns out my baby emu girl is probably a boy, which is fine.  Hopefully, I will get a girl next time for a pair. The emu is still being called "Baby" because Michael can't think of a name.  Now he has to start over thinking about boy names. Yesterday the weather was nice. Imagine that! We took the baby emu out to meet the baby goats.  They had a great time running and playing on the deck. There were no problems until Michael interrupted their playtime and scooped them up, returning them to their respective dwellings.  Baby Emu had a typical toddler tantrum. Click arrow to play video: There was some head butting.   Nobody got hurt.   They mainly ran and played.   This is the little emu who could!  

  • emus2

    Friday night we sat out on the deck enjoying the evening and visiting with the emus. Michael shifted to move forward causing the legs of his chair to scrape on the deck. The sound sent the emus into a frenzy. Jack was not amused.  


  1. Richard Seay says

    Great information, I have a very small plae in Virginia simular to yours. My Emu are my favorite, so I’m constantly looking for more info.

    Thanks. Richard

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