Bad, bad Laverne. (Video)

Our fainting goat Laverne has decided she will no longer go into the pen with her sister at night. This is a serious problem because of predators. Sister Shirley has taken over the role of Satan after the re-homing of Thelma and Louise. She bullies  Laverne for food in the pen at night. Poor little Laverne hides in the dogloo until she is allowed to eat. She drew a line in the sand a few days ago and has resisted being locked up at night. Michael and I have started tag teaming her. Two nights ago she got scared and “fainted” and Michael just picked her up and put her in the pen. It was hilarious. Last night I took the camera with me in case she did it again. And, she did. The myotonic episodes or faints do not hurt the goats but they do not like the feeling and generally avoid doing things that precipitates an event. For instance, she went into the pen tonight without putting up a fuss.  For the record, I just love Laverne. She is sweet and shy but she is always watching me, communicating with her eyes. Here’s a little video of her resistance effort last night.

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