Rain, rain go away…Puhleeze!

We need a break! We need sunshine and warm weather to dry the sodden ground. We are sick of stomping, slipping and sliding. We want stable earth under our feet. The chickens need it.

They walk single file along the fence to avoid the muddy interior.

The entrance to the donkey shelter is treacherous to navigate.

Diana hates muddy feet.


As usual, Jacks sides with Diana.

 The Goat-Loo is disgusting as are the goats.

  They have been spending too much time with Diana.

 The Icelandic hens are drinking out of mud puddles.

Even the little emu girls are complaining.

 Louis is sick of the mud, and rain, and wind, and cold.

 He decided to appeal to s higher pwer.

By the time I finished my chores, as if by divine intervention, the clouds moved out the sun began to shine. It was cause for celebration for all of us.




  1. Tonya Taber says:

    It is a sodden mess here too.

    Diana is going to expect her pedi soon. :)

  2. Just when we think it is going to dry out, it rains again.

  3. That’s for sure! The mud has been so bad! At least we should dry out a bit now.

  4. I can sure relate about all the mud. YUK! Hope you dry out soon there. Love the pictures! I always look forward to them.

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