The ranch office is open for business.

The sun-room is done!  I used it twice this weekend for people picking up chicks. Dawn and her daughter were my first customer to pick up chicks in the new ranch office. They bought a beautiful assortment of a dozen Icelandic chicks. Thanks Dawn!

I used the sun-room today for a friend picking out a couple of cockerels. You can see them huddling under the heat lamp in this picture. When the weather is a bit warmer this two story cage will be used as brooders for baby chicks. It is on wheel so it can be wheeled out for a day in the sunshine, for cleaning , or to the garage if the weather is too cold. I just love this cage with it’s predator proof latches. It is one of my all time favorite Craigslist finds!

The heat lamps were just temporary while the chicks were being picked up. I have two Brinsea Eco-Glow brooders that I will be using once I start brooding chicks in the sunroom. They are safer and use much less electricity than the heat lamps. You can see one of the brooders in the bottom cage. It is the yellow thing that isn’t assembled yet. I am using one in the garage and the chicks just love it.

I store all my shipping supplies, chick feed, feeders, waterers, etc. in the cabinets. I am incubaitng with the incubators inside the tall cabinet to help maintain temperatire. I have one successful hatch so far.  The drawer nearest the tall cabinet is my egg storage drawer. I use it to store the eggs that are being incubated or shipped out. When the weather gets too hot I can store the eggs in the small refrigerator on the counter.

That is an electric heater over the table so I can sit outside and package eggs for shipping and enjoy my coffee, until Jack sees me and comes to the fence to Hee-Haw for carrots.

I shipped eleven boxes of hatching eggs in two days last week. That’s a lot of coffee and carrots.

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  1. Molly Alexander says

    Love the Sunroom and Everthing about your Ranch Mary… Thank you for showing me around.
    Beautiful, Clean set up…

    • says

      Amy keep your eye out for one on Craigslist. The good brand is Ferret Nation. They cheaper brands are not very sturdy or secure.

  2. Joy Blake says

    I love your sun room, but I really have Jack envy! He would make a perfect companion to my horse, I would even feed him carrots!

  3. Kathy says

    The sunroom is just great! I would love to join you for a cup of coffee at your table, and to look out at Jack!

    • says

      That would be great Kathy! We could invite Kelly and gossip about people on BYC! Just kidding, we would never gossip. If we do this, bring carrots!

  4. Andrea says

    The room looks great Mom you did a really good job. The cabinets look really nice. I need to get up there and see it myself. Was trying to this weekend but somehow I woke up the other night craving your chocolate chip cookies. The girls and I made 2 batches this weekend because we couldn’t decide what kind of chips. We did peanut butter and chocolate chip, milk and white chocolate chip, butterscotch, and plain old chocolate chips. Man I love that recipe.

    • says

      Thanks, the UPS and FedEx drivers love it too! I lost that cookie recipe. I am going to have to get it back and post it here.

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