An emu’s work…

is never done. Our ever vigilant guard emu Stuart patrols the property tirelessly keeping intruders at bay. Lately his work not only includes keeping troublemakers out but in as well. We have a little white Icelandic hen with wanderlust. Most days she could be found wandering on the dirt road behind the barn. We never knew how she was getting out but we did observe her coming back in under a gap in the fence. Armed with that information, Michael blocked the gap with large rocks assuming she would stay in. We realize that our fence is only four feet high, low enough for any self respecting Icelandic chicken to clear easily. They just don’t. They choose to stay where they have a warm, dry coop, acres to free range, and a flock mistress with a heavy hand when it comes to treats. The little white hen apparently finds the grass greener on the dirt road and continues her near daily visits outside the Buck ‘n Run Ranch. We have no idea how she gets out and neither does she when it comes to getting back in. As the sun begins to set, she can be seen pacing the fence waiting to be rescued. This is driving poor Stuart nearly mad. Here he is chasing back and forth, trying to get the little white hen back inside so he can chase her and make her wish she’d never set foot on that road.


Back and forth they go looking for way to get the little white hen back in the yard.

Round and round until even Louis gets involved. The two small headed creatures and the little white hen combined can’t find a way to get her back in.

  Once the two stooges get the little white hen wrangled down to the gate it is up to me or Michael to go down there, open the gate and allow the little white hen to walk back in. Yesterday it was my turn.

I dutifully walked all the way down to the barn, opened the gate and allowed the little white hen to walk back in.

Crisis averted, Stuart is able to resume patrolling the perimeter.


  1. Cute. Possibly annoying for you, but totally cute.

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