They can’t resist Black and Decker

The animals were busy enjoying an afternoon treat of hen scratch. It was barnyard bliss, all creatures great and small enjoying the sunny day. Then Stuart spotted it. All shiny and orange, it was irresistible. He had to have it and Louis had to help.

The emus are obsessed with power tools, especially Black and Decker power tools. I think it is the orange that gets their attention. Whatever the reason, they obsess over power tools. The drill bit sticking out looked like good eats to Stuart.

Stuart tried to pull the bit out with his beak.
Maybe this way will work.
 Stuart, “Don’t just stand there looking dumb Louis.” Louis, “I need a hug.” If he could just get a better grip in it.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Bring in the goat girls.

  Shirley, “I got this.”

 She gave it a good head butt.
 The drill bit didn’t budge. It was Laverne’s turn.
Laverne, “This is dumb.” “I’m taking a nap.”

 The goat girls settled in for their nap, on and under the picnic table.

The emu boys finally gave up and settled down on the brown tarp, warmed by the sun. I put the drill away, with the bit intact!


  1. They are all so helpful. I can see why you keep them!

  2. too cute..

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