Elvis has left the building…

Little Elvis, the emu that hatched while many of you followed along, left yesterday for his new home with a new family. He was taken home to Redding, CA to join Shelley and her family and all of her animals.

Video from January 10, 2012:

At six weeks old he was ready to leave  for his new life with people who I have no doubt will love him.  We will miss the little guy but he probably won’t miss being chased by Stuart and Louis.


  1. He’ll be spoiled rotten at his new home.

  2. Tonya Taber says:

    And then there were 4.

    By the time you are done, every farm in America will have an Emu or 2. :0)

  3. The Other Mary says:

    Oh, I bet that was hard on you to let him go….but you are spreading emu joy to another family and that is good! I look forward the seeing how Stu and Lou get along with their new girlfriends!!

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