We told them they were getting girlfriends…

If you have been following us for awhile, you will know that Stuart and Louis, our emu boys could benefit from having girlfriends. We tried to procure some girl emus for several months and finally decided to hatch the boys some girlfriends. We only hatched one chick and it was a boy, but luckily we found a couple of female chicks locally. Brief introductions have taken place over the last few weeks but we finally broke the news to them that these were their new girlfriends. I think they liked that idea.






  1. They are growing up soooo quickly! WOW, they all look just great! I love your updates!

  2. We started with through the fence introductions before the face to face. There was some chasing but no stomping. I hope to get the little ones moved down there fairly soon so I can get my garage back. I have a plan to mind for that.

    Thanks for visiting!


  3. Ahhh- so face to face big and little Imu introductions have taken place. I can’t imagine how scary for you that day was! Glad to see the lil ones weren’t trampled or worse.

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