Emu Overload

With three emu babies in the house it is hard to get much done.  One of the girls I bought is a real nut job; in fact, I call her Loca. I cannot be out of the room for 10 seconds before she starts having a tantrum, throwing herself into the bars on the cage and running and stomping her feet. She is ridiculous. Here is a little grainy video, shot in the dark, of a mild tantrum.

With the new hatchling barely 24 hours old, we decided to give the three of them a little time outside today. They seemed to enjoy the sunshine. The meet ‘n great with Stuart and Louis was actually frightening. The big boys hissed and tried to get at them through the fence. It was nothing like we thought it would be. Hopefully things will get better as the little grow into big emus. I plan to house them as “teens” in the chicken yard with a fence adjoining the emu area. That way they can get to know one another in a safe environment.

Here’s a short video of our trip outside. The little squatty one is the new hatchling.

Tomorrow I should have the DNA results for the final baby. I’m guessing boy.


Photos from our time outside.













  1. Lauren Conrad says:

    I loved your baby Emus. I’m trying to hatch 6 eggs right now but I don’t
    think they are going to hatch. It almost been over 50 days now. I’ve had
    Some problems keeping the incubator tempeture even. I have 6 other
    Eggs in the frig to try with if these don’t make it. I sure hope somebody
    hatches or I will be very disappointed. I’m sure there will be more eggs
    to come.

  2. So adorable! I bet when they get older, Stuart and Louis will change their tune. They will be singing Barry White.

  3. Stuart and Louis are soooo BIG ! ! Those babies look great! WOOO HOOO, girls! Diana is gonna have a fit!

  4. The Other Mary says:

    I think Stuie and Louie are just being the guard animals they are suppose to be……something new means they should be on alert. I bet they change their minds about the girls when they are a little older!

  5. They are adorable!
    I love Loca.. she is such a spoiled little thing

  6. Maybe they don't like girls. Stuart and Louis may have a bromance going on behind your back. Loca is a good name for that girl, that or Miss Shuganah (crazy)

  7. The boys sure don't seem to want those girls around. I hope they change their minds soon. maybe they don't want to share.

  8. Mary- that IS some pretty scary hissing coming from your boys! The new chicks are truly adorable!

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