Egg “B” Update (Day 49 of ?)



We have reached the hatching phase with egg “B.” I moved it from the incubator to the hatcher. When I bought the two emu chicks, I also bought a spare Hovabator incubator from the seller that he had been using to incubate and hatch the emu eggs in. It was practically new and even with a wafer thermometer the temperature settled in and stabilized nicely. This will give the baby emu more room to move once it hatches. I have the temp at 97 degrees F and have bumped the humidity up to 35% from 30%. I was surprised that the egg weighed more this week but I think last weeks weight was an error. Whatever the reason, the egg is right on target with a weight loss from time of setting of 12.8%. I was hoping the egg would hatch today on my birthday but it is too late for that. I just want it to hatch out a healthy female chick.

Egg         Starting Weight            Current Weight                Amount Lost                   Percentage

A             Removed (non fertile)

B              532.97  grams               464.93 grams                     68.04 grams                      12.8%

C             Removed (non fertile)


Stay tuned because I don’t think it will be much longer!

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  1. David Sutton says

    My 3 eggs are at day 45 and appear to be doing well. Haven’t seen any “wagging” when set on a flat table though. I have read somewhere that I should stop turning the eggs a few days before the projected hatch date. Do you do this with your eggs? Absolutely love your website!

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