California Fish Tacos

There used to be a Mexican restaurant near where I worked that made the best fish tacos. We often made a run for fish tacos for everyone at the clinic. They were really great fish tacos. This is the closest I have come to duplicating them. While not exactly the same, they are still delicioso!


For the sauce you’ll need:

  • Creama Mexicana
  • Ketchup
  • Jalapeno or Salsa Ranch Dressing


Add equal parts Ketchup and dressing. use the cream or regular cream to thin it down. You want it to pour like taco sauce. That’s all there is to it. Chill until ready to use.

For garnishes you will need:

  • angel-hair-thin sliced cabbage
  • chopped cilantro
  • pickled jalapenos
  • grated cotija cheese
  • sliced avocado
  • lime wedges

Chill until ready to garnish tacos.

For the tacos:

Choose a firm, white flesh fish like cod or halibut. Cut into taco sized pieces. Dip into your favoroite batter for deepfrying. I used thin Beer Batter. Deep fry the fish until golden brown then drain on paper towels.


Warm white tortillas in the oven or microwave until just soft and warm. To each tortilla add fish and the garnishes of your choice. Top with the fish taco sauce and enjoy!

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