Oprah laid an egg on me.

I swear.  Here’s what happened.

I went down to the chicken coop at 6:15 this morning to videotape the automatic chicken door opening at 6:19. I know what you’re thinking, but I DO have a life.  Anyway, I stayed down there for about an hour feeding the chickens and playing with the goats.  During that time, 3 eggs were laid.  I went to collect the eggs from the nesting boxes with all three goats in tow, a pocketful of Honey Buzzers cereal, and a container of peanuts in my hand. In hindsight, a bad idea.

Our chicken coop has four nesting boxes.  Everyone fights over the box that is second from the left.  I have no idea why. They all have a good view!

So, this morning Martha is in the second box to the left when Oprah decides she needs to lay an egg and must use the same box.  Oprah tries to bully Martha out of the box. I try to break it up.

They squawk and peck at each other but Martha refuses to give up the best seat in the house.

Oprah is, well, mad as a wet hen. Martha stands her ground.  She is not giving up the coveted second box from the left!

Oprah eventually gives up and gets into the first box, still squawking and carrying on.

Confident that the altercation is over, I move around to the back of the chicken coop with my goats, cereal and peanuts. (still blissfully unaware of what a bad idea that was)

Notice the construction of the nesting boxes.

They have hinged plexiglas doors that lift up for egg gathering.

So, here we are, Martha is settled into box #2 and Oprah is twisting around to get comfy in box #1.  I pull the clasps open on both doors and lift them up, and grab three eggs.  Simultaneously, the goats decide to attack me en masse for the treats. Banning jumps me and rams his head in my pocket for the cereal, while Aidan and Donovan knock me out at the knees for the peanuts.  I am hunched over trying to fight off the vicious goats when I feel a thud on my back and something warm and sticky run down my arm and drip off my elbow.  It’s an egg! Oprah has laid an egg on me.  She stuck her fluffy butt out the open door and dropped an egg on my back.

And, I have the shirt to prove it!



But here’s the miracle. There’s always one.  The automatic chicken door that closes at night and opens in the morning, allowing me to stay in my PJs, drinking coffee, eating toast, and reading blogs!


Disclaimer: No chickens were harmed in the making of this movie.  Aunt Bee had a limp when we got her.

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  1. Georgia says

    That is too much fun Mary! I am planning a remodel of my pens this summer and have some plexiglass sheets I wanted to use. Great idea on the hinges.

  2. Pete says

    Way too funny for firtst thing in the morning! You nearly owed me a new screen…

    Will join the crowd that says they want one of those automatic doors! Do you need to have a chicken coop to want one?? That’s the ticket – will put in a request for the automatic door, then the rest of it will just come with, right?

  3. WV_Hills says

    I love the automatic door — what a concept. Only problem I have is that our chickens have gotten out of the habit of coming in to roost at night. We have to be more firm with them, I know. So far we’ve been lucky and haven’t lost one even with our total ‘open door’ policy. I grinned, then laughed as I watched the chickens pop through the door. It reminded me of seeing clowns climbing out of a car at the circus. As they kept coming out I envisioned a back door where they could circle around and come back in to go out the automatic door again.

  4. okbarb says

    Aw, Mary! This is the funniest post and video I’ve seen in a while!. What a great way to start the day. Story is comical and so real but those big fluffy chickens cracked me up! You hear them thud as they land on the floor and then come careening down the ramp like they are tipsy! Love the door. I want one!

  5. Cindy says

    Oh no!!! You have me rolling here!!! AT LEAST IT WAS AN EGG!!! cuz I thought it was something else you were going to say!!!!

    And that auto door looks way too cool, but how do you know all the chickens are in before it auto closes? Inexperienced chicken farmer needs to know!

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