They are big girls now…

On Thursday night we began preparing Thelma and Louise for their permanent move to the chicken coop with the big girls.  Michael thinks it’s time, but I am still worried.  They have never even been in the dark!  So, I kept them in the garage in their cage but turned the heat lamp off so they could experience cold and dark in familiar surroundings.  They seemed to do fine and were anxious to get outside in the morning.  Michael put his foot down ( like that ever works) and decided that last night would be their first night as big girls.

Here are the big girls already settling in for the night.


First he had to catch the little girls.

Then he had to put them in the coop with the big girls looking on.

Then they escaped. Twice.

He had to catch them again. This time it was funnier.

Banning enjoyed the show.

Then he put them back in the coop.

This time it worked.  Here they are on the little perch with Martha Stewart supervising the whole operation.  Of course.  I peeked in on them an hour later and everyone was sound asleep on their roosts. Whew!                                                       (Please excuse the poop.  I clean on Saturdays.)

7:15 a.m.

And, here they are this morning, doing fine after their first night in the coop. No eyes pecked out or feathers ruffled.  I am so curious to see if they go into the coop at sunset with the rest of the hens tonight.  I know you are curious too, so I’ll keep you posted.

8:42 a.m.

I am taking this empty nest thing harder than I thought.  I keep remembering that sign I saw on Douglas Boulevard last week that read “Exotic Bantam Chicks For Sale.” Don’t tell Michael.


  1. OK Can you not tell Mandy also she is jut and instigator and will want more.

  2. CindyP
    a http://www…….so that is how a big flock of chickens is achieved — the empty nest syndrome strikes again!! pssst…i’m sure those bantams would fit into your purse & I wouldn’t dream of breathing a word to Michael, he tends to want to put the kabash to things!

    Happy cleaning, Mary!! LOL!
    Saturday, April 11, 2009 – 09:33 AM (originally posted by CindyP)

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